When it comes to your property, any disaster or tragedy can strike at any moment. It’s important to have a team you can count on when it does. Here at Hometown Restoration, we’ve been helping clients by providing emergency restoration cleanup services in Dehesa for years to safely and efficiently restore their homes and offices after a traumatic experience.

We work with your insurance company from the start to make sure you get the maximum benefits. Our services include everything from water damage restoration to dealing with infectious disease exposure, such as to the rampant COVID-19.

Water Damage

You can have water enter the home in a variety of ways. Two of the most common are from broken pipes or a natural disaster such as storms or flooding. Either way, it has to be removed as soon as possible to minimize the damage done. Our professional water removal team is here to get the water out as fast as they can with the newest technology available.

Fire Damage

When dealing with fire damage, there are multiple areas to consider. Flames, soot, chemicals used, and smoke can all cause damage to the home. We work with you from the very start so that we can help you restore your home. From tarping the home to boarding windows and taking inventory, we’ll take care of the whole process.

Mold Remediation

When it comes to mildew or mold in the home, it can be the cause of health issues and danger to your family. It’s critical that you have a certified inspector come out and diagnose the mold. Once this is done, we can remove and remediate the home to ensure you don’t have a relapse.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

Tragedy can strike when you least expect it. From the surprise death of a loved one to infectious disease exposure, we are here to help. Hometown Restoration provides a biohazard cleanup that even takes care of COVID-19.

If you need emergency restoration cleanup services in Dehesa, be sure to call our team today at (760) 653-5400 to set up a consultation.