When something happens, such as an unexpected death, it can be traumatic enough. However, whenever a suspicious event occurs, such as a homicide, suicide, decomposition, or undiscovered death, the police and the coroners must get involved. This can be a lengthy and arduous process, and if something occurred within the confines of your home or business, or even on your property, you might not be able to return right away. This is in part so that evidence can be collected appropriately and because bloodborne pathogens are considered biohazards and can be dangerous and toxic to you. However, when the police are done investigating, their job ends there. It is not their job to clean the scene, leaving you with even more trauma on your hands to contend with. If you need help with death scene cleanup in San Diego, Hometown Restoration can help.

We have an entire team of experienced technicians who can come in and help make the space safe for you again. Our staff is understanding and compassionate, and trained in this work, so we understand the difficult time you may be going through. Even if the discovery was unrelated to you or your family in any way, it could still be a shock, and we’re here for you during what can be a tough time.

There are also multiple ways to clean up different types of scenes, and our technicians are highly trained in each of them. For instance, a scene where decomposition is a factor is much different than what was just an active homicide scene. In today’s world, we add an extra layer of sanitization and disinfectant, especially after all the traffic that was just in your residence or business.

If you need emergency help or have questions about death scene cleanup in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our team or obtain an immediate appointment.