When it comes to your home, dealing with an emergency is a daunting task. Maybe you’re dealing with water damage or you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and need biohazard cleanup. Hometown Restoration provides emergency restoration cleanup services in Cuyamaca for all the area residents. We’ve been working with the community for years, providing compassionate and professional restoration services.

Our company can handle everything directly with your insurance company to remove the stress off of you. We know this time is already trying enough. Discover below how our team can come in and help give you peace of mind.

Water Damage

Water can cause significant amounts of damage to the home. The longer it is in your residence, the more damage it is doing. It’s imperative to call Hometown Restoration in as soon as you can. Our water removal team utilizes the latest technology to thoroughly remove all traces of water and dry the home.

Fire Damage

Damage from fire comes from multiple sources. You may have damage from soot, smoke, flames, or the chemicals used to subdue the fire. Whatever the case may be, our team is here to assist you every step of the process. From tarping the home to removing property and restoring the building, we’ve got you covered.

Mold Remediation

If you are concerned about the potential harm mold in your home, do not put it off any longer. It’s time to call in a mold inspector to be sure what you’re dealing with. Our mold experts can remove and remediate the home to help prevent this from happening again.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

Trauma can happen at any time in the home. From unattended death to a crime or infectious disease exposure, you need experts on your side. We’ve been working with the community for years to help clean up after trauma and sanitize the home, so it is safe to enter once again.

Contact the experts here at Hometown Restoration by calling (760) 653-5400 if you require emergency restoration cleanup services in Cuyamaca.