One of the last things that any business owner or industrial management team wants to hear is that they have mold or mildew development. Hometown Restoration is here to ensure you have the commercial mold removal you need to ensure the health and safety of your employees and all visitors to your building.

Why Call the Pros?

With any commercial mold remediation project, there will be a unique set of challenges to address. Mold is something always present in most areas, but it will start to colonize at a rapid rate, given the right circumstances. Once this happens, mold spreads quickly, and it can become dangerous if not treated.

Our Hometown Restoration technicians will respond to your place of business and start working on the prevention of a potential spread to other areas of the building. Once we contain the infestation, we work efficiently and safely to make our way through the remediation process. We have all of the experience, tools, and methods necessary to bring your commercial space back to pre-loss condition.

Commercial Mold Removal

What to Do Until We Arrive

Due to the nature of mold and the potential health effects, you need trained professionals on the job. We have the personal protective gear and specialized equipment to ensure everything is done as safely as possible. It is vital that once you notice a mold infestation you:

  • Stay out of any of the affected areas of your business
  • Shut off any fans as well as the HVAC system to prevent the spread
  • Contact our team right away so that can we get to work as soon as possible

You should never disturb or touch the mold, or blow any air over surfaces that have mold growth present. We will handle the mold situation once we arrive and work on returning your business to its pre-loss state.

Regardless of the size of your business, Hometown Restoration is here to help with commercial mold removal in Carlsbad. Call (760) 653-5400 for an appointment!