If you own a commercial building with some fire and sprinkler system, you are already well aware of how sensitive some of these systems can be. If you have truly had a fire or other emergency, then you have the compounded problem on your hands of both fire and water damage, but if your sprinkler system has been set off in error, then you are dealing with water damage only. Either way, you have a problem on your hands you need to deal with immediately and be unsure how to go about it. If you need commercial fire sprinkler emergency water damage cleanup in San Diego, look to Hometown Restoration for all your needs.

If you have only water damage on the property, then what we do is come out to the property to inspect and remove all of the water from the premises. After the removal process is complete (which includes devices and structures), we go through a dehumidifying process to ensure that all the moisture has been removed. We want to make sure that no mold can grow – if moisture is left behind, mold can grow and multiply, which can be toxic going forward. Once mold begins to grow, it can be hard to stop the process. Once we dehumidify, we then clean and sanitize the entire area. If any restoration is needed, we then finish with this process.

If you also have fire damage after we go ahead with the water removal process, we then go forward with smoke removal. This includes carpets, walls, floors, and belongings. This fits in with the water removal process so that your building can be completely restored. If you need structural repairs, we will contract with local partners to restore your building to its original condition.

For immediate help with commercial fire sprinkler emergency water damage cleanup in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak with a team member about an estimate.