If you think you have water damage on or above your ceiling, you need to know the signs that there is a problem. Water spots, warping or sagging of the ceiling tiles and peeling paint are all indications you have had water leakage. If your ceiling is showing any of these issues, you need water damage restoration in Barrett.

Can I Repaint the Ceiling?

If the ceiling is dry, you could repaint it, but that won’t make the problem go away. Something caused the problem, and the source needs to be found. Hometown Restoration has trained technicians who can track hidden moisture by using moisture sensors and meters. They can also use infrared cameras to determine where there are pockets of water.

Restoring the Damaged Area

Our crews typically arrive within an hour of a call to any home with water damage. Upon arrival, they will:

  • Track down the water source if not already known.
  • Examine the HVAC system for moisture damage.
  • Use the sensors and meters to find hidden moisture.
  • Clean and restore water damaged areas.
  • Repaint the ceiling.
  • Replace ceiling tiles it that is the type of ceiling.
  • Deodorize the room.
  • Sanitize if needed.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

Customer service is our goal, and our qualified technicians work with you to make sure you are satisfied. We work alongside your home insurance company to ensure that everything is being handled properly. Hometown Restoration has years of experience dealing with water remediation. We are a local restoration company meeting the needs of the local people, and our team is available 24/7. Disasters do not take a break, and neither do we. Call us at (760) 274-8016 for all your needs when it comes to water damage restoration in Barrett.