When it comes to emergency restoration cleanup services in Borrego Springs, our experts at Hometown Restoration have you covered. We have experience in handling everything from water damage to infectious disease sanitization, such as exposure to COVID-19.

We are experienced in working with various insurance companies to ensure you get the maximum benefits allowed. We inventory and file the claim for you to take that pressure off of you. We’re here to assist you with all manner of cleanup and restoration after a tragic circumstance has taken place. Be sure to check out below what services we offer.

Water Damage

Water in the home can cause a massive amount of damage. Whether it was due to a leaking pipe in the home or a storm that brought the water in, you need assistance right away. Our team is trained and certified water removal experts, and we use the latest advancements in removing water and completely drying your home.

Fire Damage

Experiencing a fire in the home is a traumatic experience. Then you’re left with the aftermath. Damage can come from soot, smoke, flames, and even from the substances used to put the fire out. Our company will be there from step one with tarping and sealing the home when it is safe. You don’t have to face this tragic issue on your own. We’re here to help.

Mold Remediation

Mold can wreak havoc not only on the home but the health of your family as well. It’s important to have a certified inspector that can determine if mold is the issue come and go through the home. We can help with removal and remediation after you’ve been diagnosed to have mold. Our team knows how to remove it safely and completely to get you back relaxing in the residence.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

Tragedy can take place in the home when you least expect it. Hometown Restoration is here to help clean up when a loss or infectious disease exposure has taken place. We are certified and trained in the best practices of removing, sanitizing, and disinfecting your location to restore it back to normal use.

Hometown Restoration is here to support our community and get them through these types of events. Call our office today at (760) 653-5400 for more information on emergency restoration cleanup services in Borrego Springs.