Dealing with any disaster in the home can be overwhelming and frustrating. Whether it is water damage, fire damage, mold, or trauma cleanup, you need a company you can rely on to make sure the job gets done safely and effectively. That’s where the team here at Hometown Restoration comes in. Our company has been working for years helping families just like yours with their emergency restoration cleanup services in Bonita.

We work directly with your insurance company to help ensure you get the maximum benefit allowed for your claim. Our company has experience in making sure your claim is filed correctly so you get the right coverage.

We also provide disinfectant and sanitization services that can combat the exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Discover below how we can help.

Water Damage

Our professionals are highly-trained in all the latest methods of removing water from your home the right way to ensure damage is minimized. You can trust the team here at Hometown Restoration to clear out the water and help restore your home. We take care of every intricate phase of the process, from water removal to drying and restoration.

Fire Damage

Fire is a traumatic experience. Our technicians are here to assist customers from tarping up the home to restoring the home after deemed safe. Our team works with you to go through the home for insurance claims, as well as, take care of damage from fire, soot, smoke, and chemicals used to put it out.

Mold Remediation

Mold can undoubtedly wreak havoc on your home and the health of your family. It’s important to have a certified mold inspector come to determine if that is what you’re dealing with. This needs to be addressed in a specific way to ensure it is done safely and removed completely.

Trauma And Biohazard Cleanup

A traumatic event of infectious disease can come up at the least expected time. Our team is certified and trained in cleaning and sanitizing homes or businesses from a variety of issues, including COVID-19.

Contact Hometown Restoration today for your emergency restoration cleanup services in Bonita at (760) 653-5400.