Some bird droppings can be quite harmless, but if you are in an area with a high population of birds, if you have a large concentration of bird droppings, it can begin to be hazardous. You may see it as annoying at first, but if you have birds in your attic or if they are leaving droppings on your roof or other parts of your property, it can actually be considered a biohazard, and you should not attempt to clean it up yourself. Instead, you should call in a professional to ensure that the bird droppings are removed safely. If you need bird droppings cleanup in San Diego, contact the Hometown Restoration professionals for cleanup and ensure that your home is safe.

It very much depends on the type of bird leaving the droppings, but we can be called to clean up the droppings in any case, and are happy to give you an estimate for the problem. The droppings from pigeons can be especially harmful and hazardous, and this is a type of bird dropping you should call the professionals in for. Pigeons often make their homes in attics and will leave their droppings there. If you breathe in the air where the droppings are left, you could be at risk for Histoplasmosis, a serious lung infection. Thus, this is why you should not attempt to clean up bird droppings yourself, particularly in a closed area, and if you are not sure of what type of bird left the droppings, as different bird droppings can lead to different diseases.

We will follow state and federal guidelines to clean and sanitize the whole area, ensuring that your home or business is safe to enter again, and the risk of disease has been eradicated. We can also work with you in finding a pest control company to ensure that the problem does not return.

If you need help with bird droppings cleanup in San Diego or would like to make an appointment for an estimate, please contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our team.