Exposure to a biohazard is hazardous, and if something in your home or office has happened, you need a team of professionals that will come in and make sure that the dwelling is safe to enter again for those involved. When people think of the word biohazard, they may think of something found in a doctor’s office or something like that, but many different things could be a biohazard and many occurrences where you could call us for help. If you need biohazard cleanup in San Diego, don’t hesitate to call Hometown Restoration for help.

What is a biohazard? It is any chemical or biological contaminant, so that can mean a lot of things. In present-day times, that could mean exposure to a virus or having your facility, school, or home being exposed to some pathogen. Biohazards can also include sewage spills and sewage backups, residue from crime scenes, deaths and suicides, accident cleanups, homicide or death cleanups, chemical spills, animal waste or animal cleanup and methamphetamine lab cleanup. This isn’t an inclusive list—there are other biohazards.

It’s important to know what to do before we arrive. Stay away from contaminated areas, and don’t touch any bodily fluids or try to clean them up yourselves. It’s best to turn off HVAC systems (heating and air) if they are running, particularly if there is a fear of virus exposure.

We clean and sanitize every surface and rid the home of contaminated items that cannot be saved. We use a deep cleaning and disinfecting protocol to ensure that your home or facility is safe to return to. We will make sure any wet surfaces and dried and dehumidified so that mold is prevented from growing and that every square inch is cleaned and sanitized. Our team will be wearing full PPE for safety.

To learn more about biohazard cleanup in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 for emergency service or make an assessment appointment.