Bed bugs are nasty creatures and spread rapidly throughout your home. Many people think that they are only found in dirty, unkempt houses, but that is not true. Any home can end up with bed bugs – and you may carry one home from a hotel, or someone visiting can bring them in. But no matter where the critters are living, you need help getting rid of them. Fast bed bug preparation & cleanup in Lincoln Acres is available.

Heat is Needed

There are all kinds of home remedies out there and chemicals for the removal of bed bugs. But heat treatment is the only thing that works best. Using the right heat treatment, you avoid harmful chemicals, and you do not have to toss out your furniture and other belongings, in many cases.

High levels of heat penetrate hard to reach places bed bugs love to hide. Due to the treatment’s intense nature, you, your pets, and any plants need to be away from home for the day. This depends on the extent of the cleanup involved too. Things that melt quickly, such as candles and makeup, should be removed or placed in the refrigerator. Electronics should be unplugged but are safe from the heat.

Professional Bed Bug Cleanup You Can Trust

Hometown Restoration provides bed bug preparation & cleanup in Lincoln Acres that is professional and discreet. We treat the entire home and content. Bed bugs can happen in the cleanest homes and can appear out of nowhere. Stop the spread by contacting Hometown Restoration at (760) 274-8016.