How Does Smoke & Soot Cleaning Work?

How Does Smoke & Soot Cleaning in Boulevard Work?

A fire can be devastating, and even small fires can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Smoke residue and soot can spread throughout the entire building, which can leave you needing smoke & soot cleaning in Boulevard.

Smoke Residue & Soot Removal

Smoke residue is insidious – it settles into the nooks and crannies of every area of your house. Soot is simply smoke residue that has settled. The tiny airborne particles can travel throughout your home into locations not initially impacted by the fire. If left untreated, soot can eat away at the material it lands on.  Hometown Restoration has trained technicians that are experts at mitigating smoke damage from homes and businesses.

Strategies for Soot Removal

Different types of fires leave varying residues. Our techs know how to identify the residue and what kind of cleaning method to use to get rid of it. Some of the processes we use include:

  • Agitation – This involves things like brushing, scraping, and vacuuming to remove dry smoke residues.
  • Soda Blasting – Baking soda combined with pressurized air is utilized to blow away ticker soot residues. Does not harm the substrate.
  • Controlled Demolition – This method gets used when the material is not salvageable and needs replacing.
  • Chemical Solvents – Various cleaning agents for use with specific types of soot.

Fire Restoration You Can Trust

If your house or business experiences a fire, you want a company you can trust to handle the restoration process. Hometown Restoration has years of experience bringing homes from fire, water, and flood damage to their pre-loss condition. Contact us today at (760) 274-8016 for smoke & soot cleaning in Boulevard.

Reliable, Professional Residential Water Damage Restoration

In minutes, a burst pipe can send gallons of water flooding your home or business. You now have a zone within your property that is filling with water. Leaks, burst pipes, and appliance failure can cause water damage. That’s when you need professional residential water damage restoration in Bonsall.

Carpets & Flooring

Carpets and flooring are one of the hardest-hit things when flooding occurs in a home. Getting water damage mitigation right away is crucial if these are to be saved. Carpeting and padding can often be cleaned and restored when there is water damage in your home. Wood and other types of flooring can be restored as well. Of course, this depends on the extent of the water damage and whether or not delamination has taken place.

Powerful Equipment Gets the Job Done

Hometown Restoration uses powerful air movers, dehumidifiers, and industrial-strength fans to dry out your home. We have a variety of pumps that extract gallons of waters in a short time. Moisture meters and other specialty equipment find hidden moisture.

Restoring Your Home

At Hometown Restoration, we use advanced technology and expertise to return your home to pre-loss condition. Any water intrusion that causes flooding should be handled by professionals to prevent secondary damage. Mold is an excellent example of what can happen when water sits for more than 24 hours.

Hometown Restoration can provide all your residential water damage restoration needs in Bonsall. Contact us at (760) 274-8016 or visit us online.

Emergency Water & Flood Cleanup When You Need It

Learning that you have water damage or flood water coming into your home can send you into a panic. Rather than stressing out over the potential for costly damage and the loss of your belongings, Hometown Restoration is available to help you with emergency water & flood cleanup in Aguanga.

  • We are available 24/7 to take your emergency calls
  • We are quick to respond, with crews on the way within 60 minutes of your call
  • We are able to give you a free estimate for the work
  • We can bill your insurance directly rather than you having to handle all of the paperwork

There are several situations to be considered a water or flood emergency. You could have a burst pipe in your kitchen, an overflowing toilet, or water coming inside from a raging storm. No matter the cause, you need to have a team of trained professionals on-site quickly to assess the situation. The faster the water is mitigated, the easier it will be to facilitate cleanup and to lessen the impact of the loss.

We cover a broad range of cleanup services, including damage from:

  • Leaking or broken pipes
  • Sump pump failure
  • Appliance failure
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Water tank mishaps
  • Storm damage, and more

We are ready and available for residential and commercial cleanup, including apartments, rental properties, industrial buildings, and everything in between. All you have to do is give us a call whenever you need a trained cleanup crew, and we can send someone out as soon as possible. Our Hometown Restoration expert water cleanup technicians arrive ready to get to work with all of the latest tools and technology in the restoration field today.

Call (760) 274-8016 to talk with us at Hometown Restoration if you need prompt and dependable emergency water & flood cleanup in Aguanga.

Sewage Cleanup Needed? Call the Experts

Sewage Cleanup Needed? Call the Experts

No one wants to deal with a toilet overflow that spreads sewage throughout the bathroom and possibly beyond. If you have a backed-up septic system, that can cause sewage to overflow into the home via the toilet as well. If you end up in a situation like this, you want to call in the professionals. Sewage can be contaminated with all kinds of nasty stuff. Vires, bacteria, and microbes that can make you ill. At Hometown Restoration, we provide residential sewage cleanup in Fairbanks Ranch. We are fast to the scene, typically within an hour. Our technicians have the experience and PPE needed to mitigate the damage properly.

Understanding Water Categories

There are three types of water restoration companies deal with on a daily basis. Understanding what threat each poses allows us to clean up the water loss properly. They are

  • Clean Water – this is potable water and poses no health threat. It usually comes from a burst pipe or broken water line.
  • Gray Water – considered dirty and not potable. It poses minimal health risks but can quickly turn to black water if left to sit.
  • Black Water – Highly contaminated. Sewage is considered black water and is a serious health threat.

Any standing water can escalate to black water, or category III. At Hometown Restoration, we use extraction pumps to remove sewage that are designed to handle water with debris in it. Once we have removed the sewage, we clean the area and sanitize it. Any impacted surfaces get treated with antimicrobials and antifungals. Everything is disinfected and restored to pre-loss condition.

Here When You Need Us

We provide 24-hour emergency services. We understand that disasters don’t always happen when it is convenient. Contact Hometown Restoration for residential sewage cleanup in Fairbanks Ranch any time of day or night. You can reach us at (760) 274-8016.

Leave Jail Cell Cleanup to the Professionals

Police stations, courthouses, and other government facilities have holding cells and jail cells. Given the nature of these cells, they can get filthy. Most places have cleaning crews that take care of those cells daily. But some situations occur that require more in-depth cleaning by a professional crew with the proper training. Bodily fluids and other biohazardous material need to be removed by certified technicians. If you need help with holding cells/jail cell cleanup in Eucalyptus Hills, Hometown Restoration has the crew and equipment to do the job right.

Biohazardous Cleanup

Jail cells can end up with vomit, blood, feces, and urine in them. At Hometown Restoration, we follow OSHA guidelines and use professional chemicals to clean up bodily fluids. We also follow CDC protocols and go the extra mile to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We are trained to remove, disinfect, and sanitize impacted areas. We provide proper disposal as well.

Professional Mitigation

Hometown Restoration provides fire, water, and flood restoration to homes and businesses, but we offer other specialty cleanup services as well. These include, but not limited to:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Rodent Dropping Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Trauma Scene Cleanup
  • Grow House Cleanup
  • Sewage Damage Cleanup
  • Law Enforcement Vehicle Cleanup
  • Accident & Blood Cleanup
  • Mold Remediation
  • Tear Gas Cleanup

Law enforcement and regular housekeeping should not be expected to deal with biohazardous material and bodily fluids. Hometown Restoration can take that burden off your shoulders, especially when something tragic has happened in one of the jail cells. It can be stressful to deal with even if you are not emotionally attached.

Contact us at (760) 274-8016 for professional holding cells/jail cell cleanup in Eucalyptus Hills.

Compassionate Death Scene Cleanup

With everything that has been going on in 2020, mental health issues and suicides are on the rise. Fewer people are going to the hospital for medical needs. Sadly, this also means more people are dying at home alone. They may not be discovered immediately, or it can be an unsightly situation. Grieving family and friends should not have to worry about cleaning up the scene. Hometown Restoration provides death scene cleanup in San Diego that is professional, thorough, and compassionate. At an emotional time like this, don’t try to handle the problem alone. Let our company take on the burden of cleaning the facilities.

Compassionate & Caring

Hometown Restoration’s technicians understand how overwhelming an unattended death can be to those involved. You can count on us to arrive on the scene and mitigate the damage with confidentiality and respect. We work quietly in the background to take care of the situation as quickly as possible.

Bio-Hazardous Materials

Body decomposition leads to the release of body fluids. In the case of suicide, blood may be involved. All of this requires cleanup by a professional company working under stringent federal regulations. Our technicians are certified in bio-hazardous material removal, and we have the correct PPE for the job. We clean and sanitize the facility and offer services to both residential and commercial locations. Hometown Restoration’s decontamination team makes sure the cleanup is handled professionally, and the facility is restored correctly.

We Are Here for You

Hometown Restoration understands you can’t deal with death scene cleanup in San Diego on your own, and you do not have to. We are here to help. If you, or someone you know, needs our assistance, contact us at (760) 274-8016.

Safety Risk of Hoarding – Hoarding Cleanup

Safety Risk of Hoarding - Hoarding Cleanup in Escondido Can Help

Hoarding is much more serious than we realize. It’s not the general term most of us think of when people “hoard” clothes or collectibles. It goes beyond that into a mental medical condition where people keep things that have no practical meaning, such as trash, dirty dishes, and old newspapers. Approximately 6% of the US population is affected to some degree. Many times no one knows a person is a hoarder. But it can be a safety hazard and impossible to overcome on your own. This is why Hometown Restoration offers hoarding cleanup in Escondido.

Fire Risk

Hoarding creates piles of combustible material. Wall-to-wall trash is not only a fire risk in itself but also blocks exits. Those in the home cannot quickly get out in an emergency, and first responders cannot get in. Stoves, lamps, and fireplaces have items piled near them, doubling the danger. Hoarding draws rodents that can chew wires, causing electrical fires.

Poor Air Quality

When clutter sits, it accumulates dust. Waste and rotten food produce strong odors and can release ammonia into the air. Because air circulation is often blocked in these homes, carbon dioxide poisoning is possible. Noxious air is a health hazard, and we have the PPE to handle it.


Vermin love hoarding situations. Mice, rats, cockroaches, and fleas are drawn to homes like this. This means not only are they infesting the place, but they leave behind feces and urine, which can be toxic. They breed and feed at will. This soon turns into a deadly environmental issue where disease can spread rapidly.

Practical Living Impossible

Often utilities end up being cut off to hoarders. They don’t use their appliances, such as an oven, for what they were intended for but instead as a storage place. Bills go unpaid because they are buried somewhere. Lack of things like running water creates health issues.

Hometown Restoration understands you can’t overcome this on your own. If you, or a family member, needs help with hoarding cleanup in Escondido, contact us at (760) 274-8016.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup in Encinitas

At Hometown Restoration, we understand the impact traumatic crime scenes can have on individuals, whether the incident took place in a home or a business. It can be particularly devastating if death is involved. No one can foresee something as dramatic as this. Body fluid and blood cleanup is not something the average person should ever have to undertake. Hometown Restoration can mitigation the damage quickly and discreetly once the police investigation is finished and permission is given to go ahead. If you need crime scene cleanup in Encinitas, we can help.

Professional & Experienced Bio-Hazard Cleanup

When our technicians arrive on the scene, they adhere to OSHA regulations and all state and federal guidelines. We remove any biohazard material safely and properly dispose of it. The area is clean, decontaminated, and disinfected. It is not advised to attempt to clean up a crime scene yourself. Bloodborne pathogens can cause health issues. Blood and flesh left unattended can end up in places you can’t see right away, can cause odors, and draw rodents and insects. Attempting to clean a situation like this is also an emotionally stressful one. We can do provide crime scene cleanup for:

  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses
  • Communities

Caring & Discreet

We sympathize with anyone who has to go through a situation that would create a crime scene. Our technicians are discreet and caring. We do our best to stay in the background while mitigating the damage as quickly as possible. We sincerely hope you never have to call s for any kind of trauma cleanup, but if you do, we are available 24/7. Contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 274-8016 for professional crime scene cleanup in Encinitas.

Sensitive & Caring Suicide Cleanup

Sensitive & Caring Suicide Cleanup in San Diego

No one wants to go through the process of losing a loved one. The loss is hard, but it is even more challenging if suicide is involved. Police and paramedics will be involved, and depending on the situation, suicide cleanup in San Diego may be needed. It is not something family or friends should have to deal with, and Hometown Restoration is here for you. Our certified technicians are not only trained in bio-hazard mitigation, but they are caring and discreet.

Professional Trauma Cleanup

Whenever a business or home has been impacted by body fluids or blood, you want to make sure it is appropriately mitigated. At Hometown Restoration, we abide by strict regulations when cleaning suicide incidents. We:

  • Discreetly clean the area
  • Decontaminate and disinfect
  • Properly dispose of all materials involved
  • Use science-based protocols

Once we have the home or business completely clean, you can rest assured it is just like it was. We carefully handle any personal property involved. You never have to clean an area where emotional stress would be overwhelming. We understand how something like this impacts your life, and we empathize. We work quietly in the background, and we get the job done as quickly as possible.

Restoration Services You Can Depend On

Hometown Restoration not only provides suicide cleanup in San Diego, but we can handle other trauma and biohazard cleanup too. We offer fire, flood, meth, and sewage restoration services. We provide our services to homes and businesses of any size. Our goal is customer satisfaction. Our emergency services are available around-the-clock. Disaster doesn’t happen when convenient or during business hours, and Hometown Restoration knows that. Contact us at (760) 274-8016.

We Provide Restoration Clean Up After Flooding

We Provide Restoration Clean Up After Flooding in Elfin Forest

Storms can cause severe flooding. The storms in 2020 have been more frequent and stronger, leaving devastation in their path. If you have floodwater in your home, you need professional mitigation. You should never attempt to clean up contaminated water on your own. At Hometown Restoration, we provide restoration clean up service in Elfin Forest.

Safety Comes First

If floodwaters come surging through your home, your priority is to get your family to safety. Always obey all evacuation orders. To clean up floodwaters, you need professionals equipped with the proper PPE, cleaning, and sanitizing agents. Black water can contain:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Medical waste
  • Dead animals
  • Debris
  • Insects
  • Chemicals

This type of water should never be entered by anyone who does not have the right gear and equipment. Our technicians are Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and know how to mitigate the risks. They provide the proper mitigation safely.

What Does Hometown Restoration Do After Flooding?

If emergency mitigation, such as tarping or containment, is needed, we immediately take care of that. We then do a scope of the area and put a plan together for clean up and restoration. Water extraction is the primary concern. We have industrial trash pumps that remove not only water but debris as well. Our technicians also:

  • Use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the residence
  • Sanitize all surfaces with antimicrobial agents
  • Dispose of all unsalvageable items
  • Remove content to our warehouse for cleaning if necessary
  • Clean the home
  • Repair and restore the residence

When a flood happens, it can be devastating. You can end up displaced on top of dealing with the mess the flood has left. We try to reduce as much stress as possible so you can deal with the things you need too. For restoration clean up service in Elfin Forest, contact us at (760) 274-8016.

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