At Hometown Restoration, we have asbestos restoration professionals fully-trained to handle asbestos testing in Carlsbad. When we come out to your home or business, we will always give you a clear picture of the start date and the estimated time for completion. Our strong work ethic and attention to detail ensure that everything is done as safely and efficiently as possible so that you have quality results.

Why Worry About Asbestos?

It is not all that uncommon for someone to go about their daily routine without thinking about asbestos even once. This is a substance that was banned back in 1989 by the EPA, but this ban was then lifted a few years later and there are still many buildings that contain asbestos in one form or another.

Even though asbestos will not often cause danger in the regular day-to-day, all homeowners and contractors should know the dangers involved when it comes to handling it and potentially disturbing it. Because of this, there are specific protocols in place for asbestos testing and removal.

Asbestos Testing and Removal

There are some asbestos materials, including flooring, that is better left without disturbing it. Should you plan on doing any work that may disrupt it by breaking it up, drilling into it, or removing it, you need to have the area tested and ensure that a professional handles the removal for you.

If you suspect that you currently have asbestos present in your commercial building or your residential space, our team at Hometown Restoration can come to do a full inspection and the necessary testing. If asbestos is present, we can then formulate a plan for safe, efficient removal.

Do you need professional, reliable asbestos testing in Carlsbad? Call Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400 for a consultation and further details.