If you’ve recently had an emergency, such as a fire or flood, or have had severe storm damage that has hurt your home or business, one of the things you should do first as you clean up and assess the damage is board up your property. This is something you shouldn’t try to attempt by yourself (unless you’re a knowledgeable contractor), simply because it has to be done correctly for your home or business to go through the restorative process to be properly restored. However, emergencies don’t always occur during 9 to 5 hours and can strike at any time, and if something happened out of that time period, you might not know who to call. If you need 24 hour board up services in San Diego, Hometown Restoration is here to help.

What we can do is dispatch someone immediately out to your property, whether it be your home or business, to inspect the damage and see what the next steps should be. If you have been a victim of fire, flood, or storm damage, we can also provide estimates as to how we can help assist you when it comes to those services as well, as we can help you clean up after a fire, flood, or storm.

Once we perform an assessment, we will develop a complete board up plan that will prevent further damage to your property. Then we will also coordinate the removal of the boarding so that insurance adjusters will come in so that they can perform their jobs efficiently since this will be a big part of your rebuilding process.

If you decide to use our services for cleanup and restoration, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your home is completely restored to its original state and that there are no hazards left on the property; we want you to feel safe before re-entry.

To learn more about 24 hour board up services in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration services today at (760) 653-5400 to speak with a team member.